The Essence of Tutoring

Life is a continuous learning sphere which never stops moving until we breathe our last breath. We learn either by experience or by what we are taught by more experienced people.

Tutorial is an important teaching tool that helps learners enhance their learning intellectually and emotionally. Nearly half of students have attended a tutorial of one form or another. Many students long for someone to tutor them so that they can understand their subject better. So here is the question: What is the essence of tutoring?

Lots of parents are unable to help their children with school work and are worried about the grades that their child(ren) get at school. Tutoring can help to build confidence and help to develop greater interest in the subject at hand. We provide the one-to-one teaching advantage that a learner seldom receives in a crowded classroom.

For many years, Gold Star Tutors has championed the goal to improve the academic performance of students by leveraging the power that is found in each student’s unique learning style. We aim at helping to uplift students’ attitudes towards learning at school. Your child can become more familiar with a topic taught in the classroom, when it is taken up by the tutor as well. This process can help to improve his/her self-esteem and confidence and to be able to participate in answering questions in the class.

During holidays, eager mentees can take advantage of downtime from the regular class time to catchup on missed lessons. Some students who do this find that they not only get caught up with the course material but they’re able to even preview upcoming material for future classes. This provides an advantage because seeing course material before the teacher presents it, sets up advanced learning and reinforcement of the concepts in the novice’s mind.

Students’ educational problems are resolved patiently, calmly, and expertly by experienced tutors at Gold Star Tutors. We do this one hour at a time through targeted Zoom sessions that capitalize on the use of the electronic whiteboard. Try Gold Star Tutors soon to experience the essence of tutoring:

increased knowledge of your subject, better grades on your report card, improved self-esteem and a more targeted preparation for your future.

–by Adewunmi Dorcas Adelusi

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