Kirk is very knowledgeable and professional. He tutored me in Chemistry and provided great insight into difficult topics through his notes and examples. Thanks to Kirk I was able to pass Chemistry with a grade higher than the class average.
~ Chris B.

I would highly recommend Kirk as a tutor. He has a way of breaking down the problem step by step and creating models to the method of solving the problem. He is courteous, professional and still finds a way to relate to the student while maintaining respect. Kirk is always available to assist students via emails and is able to keep a flexible schedule when necessary. Kirk was definitely instrumental in my children getting through their difficult classes.
~ Michele B.

Even my teacher said she was impressed with how much I improved. It was because of Gold Star Tutor’s help why I was able to pass this difficult math course.
~ Connor B.

Kirk was able to help guide me through areas that I was concerned about while keeping things simple enough that I wasn’t confused by the subject matter. Very friendly and easy to get along with.
~ Nick H.

Kirk is an excellent tutor, he managed to tame my hatred of mathematics, and fear of exams in one fell swoop. He is patient, and explains concepts in a different way than professors, which allows you to understand things more clearly. I was well prepared for tests and the final, and for that I was very grateful. I managed to get a B+ in my class, and was very happy with the outcome!

~ Alexandra O.


Kirk was a great chemistry tutor. I went from being discouraged and feeling hopeless about the subject to getting a very high mark with the help and support of Kirk. He coached me in my math and chemistry skills and generally bolstered my confidence by helping me feel more calm, supported and prepared for my upcoming tests and assignments. I will be using his services for my future classes.

~ Caitlin G.


When I took Math 135 last semester, it was my first time doing math in many years, so I was having difficulty understanding some of the concepts in the course. I sought Kirk’s help to prepare for the final exam. Although we only had a limited amount of time, Kirk taught me some of the most important concepts for my final, and I passed with a higher grade than I needed. I highly recommend Kirk to other students!

~ Adam J.


Kirk was flexible, patient, and driven to help me succeed in my last Math upgrading course. He was able to break down each problem in a way that could help me understand it, and would try as many ways as it took until I got it. I’ve never been great with Math, but Kirk helped me believe in myself and my ability to succeed in it, and thanks to him I was able complete the course with high marks.

~ Christina L.


Kirk is a great tutor.  He has helped me think about calculus in a way that makes it seem simple.  He is very patient and will always explain anything you ask him to.
Zeridah is also amazing as a tutor.  Despite being in her 4th year at UVic, she took the time to help me learn linear algebra and prepare me for my exam.  She was very in-depth in her explanations and she spent extra time studying outside of our sessions to make sure she knew the material.  I would highly recommend Gold Star Tutors to anyone who is struggling in math.”
~ Sasha Q.