Matilda the Math Hater

Matilda doesn’t just dislike math. She hates it; and she’s sure that math is not for her. After all, “That’s why we have accountants and calculators.” Matida’s ticked off that she has to take math to graduate and waits until the bitter end to take the math she needs to get her diploma.

Matilda also hates going to class and feels that studying is just a waste of time. When she fails math tests, she makes excuses, and she generally refuses any offers of help. She thinks that if she really wanted to learn math she could, but “why bother?”, since she has no intention of ever using it anyway.

People like Matilda spend a lot of time and energy being angry and trying to avoid learning math. This anger interferes with the concentration needed for learning. People who have a problem with math often convince themselves that it is not really necessary. Instead of admitting that they must work hard at math, they make excuses for why they don’t need it. Math intimidates them. The thought of really trying to succeed in math and then failing is scary, so they don’t give a full effort. In other words, they cannot fail if they do not try.

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