Online Resources to Help Students of Math, Chemistry and Physics

Sometimes students, or their parents, look for a math or science tutor by first going online to see what resources are there that can help. If the student has a textbook that accompanies the course, that’s where you should start. Take a look at the first few pages of the textbook to see if it lists an associated website. Oftentimes, just inside the front cover, a textbook lists an associated website that can be a good source of additional learning materials such as charts, tables, video tutorials and other learning aids. Some well-known websites in this category are hosted by Pearson, a large textbook company. A few of their useful URLs are, and

Nowadays, some instructors provide the complete course outline and curriculum online, rather than in a paper format.  Enrolled students of these courses are each provided a username and password so they can login and find all of the course material, homework assignments, quizzes, tests and exams at a particular website.

There are some URLs that are dedicated to providing students with online help.  The websites post no-cost or low cost video tutorials to students of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects. Here are some popular websites that provide such resources:

Are you looking to find a free diagnostic test in Calculus or Chemistry? You can click over to or to do so. Both of these links within the main website,, are used by students who want to take an untimed practice exam that can help to assess their current level of knowledge of a given subject.

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