Why Private Tutoring?

The introduction of new coursework can mean that you or your child has been performing below expectations. Do you feel you or your child would benefit from a more individualized program of learning? This simply cannot be provided in a busy classroom environment. Do you feel that the concepts covered in class move too quickly before you or your child has fully grasped them?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then private tutoring could be the answer. Many students make tremendous progress in the familiar setting of their own home during an hour’s session per week with the one to one support of a patient education specialist. Contact us at www.goldstartutors.com for more details about how private tutoring could support you or your child so that you reach your full academic potential.

A tutor to a student is like a coach to an The athlete might have untapped potential that is unrealized until a good coach can help the athlete reach his/her skills and reach goals along the way. Likewise, our tutors help students unlock some the mysteries in the subjects the study and help them attain better marks on their report cards.

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